November, 2018.VISUAL IDENTITY, PACKAGING DESIGN and PUBLICATION DESIGN for Firenze based NUNCHI — an umbrella brand for their gastronomic and aesthetic projects. The first project by Nunchi is a re-interpretation of the French chef Edouard Nignon’s classic cookbook L’Heptameron des Gourmets. The box measures 290×370×115 mm, L’Heptameron des Gourmets measures 240×320 mm and its appendix, La Dive Cocagne, measures 210×275 mm. The box is published in French in an edition of 777 copies.

The visual identity is entirely typographic: A CUSTOM DESIGNED SANS-SERIF typeface infused with a display typeface based on Poul Kjærholm’s most basic shape of a table — table PK71. The typefaces are made in collaboration with type designer Íñigo López Vázquez.