January, 2013.VISUAL IDENTITY and COMMUNICATION CONCEPT for QAPITAL — an app that helps you save small to live large. The assignment included a logotype, adverts, animations, digital design, color palette, graphics, illustrations, stationery & cetera.

Just like the service itself the logotype consists of small pieces creating something big. The pieces are inspired by charts and graphs and are drawn using a grid.

Qapital’s colour scheme derives from the Swedish bills and is named after the famous Swedes that adorn the bills — Selma Lagerlöf, Jenny Lind, Carl von Linné and Karl XI.

The small pieces from the logotype are also used to create characteristic icons and illustrations that infuse the brand with a quirky personality. You can immediately recognize the brand Qapital without even seeing the logotype.

As Qapital phrases it: born in Stockholm, raised in New York. After realizing that the Swedish market was too small, Qapital pivoted and started over in the US. To notify the American market of their transatlantic journey, an online campaign was created. The illustrations describe the things you could save for by cutting down everyday expenses like coffee and lunch.