Essem Design

June, 2014.VISUAL IDENTITY and communication concept for ESSEM DESIGN — a Swedish manufacturer of hallway interior. The concept “Hej—Hej då” (Hello—Goodbye) refers to the most common phrase in the hallway. The assignment includes units such as: logotype, adverts, catalogues, handmade stamps, product sheets, stationery, website & cetera.

The concept “Hej—Hej då” (Hello—Goodbye) refers to the most common phrases used in the hallway. The frontside of all printed units welcomes and the backside says farewell. A set of hand carved stamps in various sizes are used to mark the stationery.

Essem Design is the premium manufacturer of artisanal hallway interior in Sweden. This is communicated through an inspiring catalogue that celebrates the hallway. Photography by Erik Undéhn.

The typeface Futura is used throughout the whole identity. It refers to the functionalist era when the foundation of Essem Design was built. Futura is completed by the more vivid display typeface Dala Moa whose stencil letters adds a contemporary take on the Swedish industry.