Erik Penser Bank

February, 2009.POSTER for ERIK PENSER BANK showing a world map used to visualize economic markets. The map contains approximately 3,000 coins and each continent is built out of its respective countries’ currencies. The photos were used in various media forms. Poster printed in an edition of 100 copies, 100×70 cm.

Finding cheap coins from all over the world wasn’t the easiest thing. We spent one month on Ebay trying to buy as much worthless coins as possible for a reasonable price. Three years later we had a burglary in the studio and the sack of coins was gone.

The poster was selected as THE BEST ADVERTISING POSTER IN THE LAST DECADE in Kolla! Awards, September 2012. Since Greenland is missing in the map a lot of people got upset on Reddit. It was also featured in Washington Post in March 2014 and published in the book Geografie in May 2015.