Record Mania

December, 2014.VISUAL IDENTITYCOMMUNICATION CONCEPT and INTERIOR for RECORD MANIA — one of the most prominent record stores worldwide. The twenty square meter shop in the heart of Södermalm, Stockholm, releases hundreds of rare collectable vinyl records each week — making it a new store every Friday. The assignment included a logotype, bags, merchandise, packaging, patterns, signage, staff clothing, stationery.

Every Friday the record store releases hundreds of new records, both online and in their small store located in Södermalm in Stockholm. Because of their large turnover of records a tagline was written — A New Store Every Friday — and the keyword Change was used throughout the design process. The keyword is visualized by a logotype with a simplified record whose label constantly changes.

The plastic bags have transparent holes and depending on the content in the bag the logotype changes. The back cover of the bag uses the same grid of transparent holes as the store interior.

The same IDEA OF CHANGING is used for their custom built shelving system — the holes in the MDF boards reveal what is inside the shelf and the system can easily be rearranged to suit different purposes.