Erik Penser Bank

June, 2016.VISUAL IDENTITY and communication concept for ERIK PENSER BANK — Sweden’s leading private bank. The assignment includes units such as: logotype, color palette, custom typeface, illustrations, photography, pictograms, stationery & cetera. Photography by Erik Undéhn.

An ambigram is a phrase, word or symbol that can be interpreted from different perspectives. Erik Penser Bank’s monogram is a symmetric ambigram where EPB reads the same upside down.

Erik Text is complemented by a set of bold, high contrast numbers to be used as a visual element throughout the identity.

A set of pictograms are used to illustrate the bank’s products and services. The looped monoline used in the pictograms derives from the monogram.

Erik Text is a custom typeface designed exclusively for Erik Penser Bank. It is a low contrast antiqua designed for print and screen. The typeface was designed in close collaboration with type designer Íñigo López Vázquez.