March, 2019. VISUAL IDENTITY for BOKIÑO — a new digital platform for children’s books, aimed at parents with children up to 12 years old. The assignment included naming and a brand identity that can be used both statically and in motion. Since Bokiño primarily communicates in social media it was of huge importance that the smallest unit, the avatar, had a unique expression that could scale.

Bokiño’s word mark refers to the tagline – FOR READERS LITTLE AND BIG – where each lowercase letter has a different height representing children at various ages.

The Bokiño symbol is entirely constructed by the six letters in the word mark. When the letters regroup THE SYMBOL shows two children at different ages holding hands.

Using social media as their primary channel it was important to find a visual element that is easily recognizable, flexible and communicates books. The visual element refers to a classic DOG EAR – the folded down corner of a book page.