Second Hand Orchestra

November, 2015.Visual identity, packaging and merchandise for Second Hand Orchestra’s eponymous album. The tracks on the album were originally recorded for a documentary series but when the project was cancelled the band leader Karl-Jonas Winqvist decided to reuse the music for an LP — now under the name Second Hand Orchestra. Released on the Sing a Song Fighter label. LP limited to 300 copies — each one unique.

Sometimes things doesn’t go as planned. The music of Second Hand Orchestras eponymous album was originally written for a documentary series about people moving to remote places in the world were they are total strangers to the culture and the climate. It all started when a producer saw the embryo of the Second Hand Orchestra play in a garden in Serbia. He asked them to write and record the soundtrack of the documentary. With families moving to humid jungles, snowy mountain peaks and hostile deserts the band leader Karl-Jonas Winqvist started to compose the soundtrack.

However after many twists and turns with different financial issues the producer vanished and the documentary was never released — leaving Karl-Jonas and his band mates with a nearly completed album. After a band-meeting the orchestra decided to release the music under the name Second Hand Orchestra.

The concept second hand is interpreted in as many ways as possible – everything from the letters in the logotype, to the record sleeves, to the band merchandise is taken from iconic music related pieces.